Legal consulting firm "LATUNIA" was established in 2015 by combining the efforts, experience and knowledge of economists, lawyers and lawyers already practicing in various branches of the economy at that time. You ask, what does the name "LATUNIA" mean? This name comes from the combination of the words "Legal" & "Trade" & "Unia" (Polish) - union, association, which together makes the goal of our activity - "Legal & Trade Unia" - "LATUNIA"- Association of professionals of law and business. We exist and work not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland.

Since the establishment of the company, a team of professionals has been formed, with considerable experience in various areas of jurisprudence and business. The company "Latunia" is a participant of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has an office in its premises in the city of Kiev (Ukraine).

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    Климчук А.В. магістр права, міжнародний арбітр Міжнародного комерційного арбітражного суду при ТПП України, Арбітражного суду при Торговій палаті в м. Новий Томишль (Польща), автор публікацій з актуальних правових тем в журналі "Право України", в газеті «Правовий тиждень» та інших українських та зарубіжних видань. Деякі матеріали проведених гучних справ фірми використані в телепрограмі «Гроші».