• Sunflower Oil

    When you have a look at the bottle of sunflower oil, golden field of sunflowers appears immediately before the eyes, which grow on the infinite field in a warm summer day. Sunflower oil seemed really absorbed the energy of the sun, summer and bounty of nature. This amazing natural and human creation - now is the most popular and most necessary for people.

    Sunflower oil - this is a unique product that does not contain cholesterol; it promotes good health and gives positive effect on the human body, protecting it from various ailments. Sunflower oil contains a lot of vitamins and mineral trace elements that are extremely useful to human, including vitamin of youth, and vitamin A, which makes this product of golden sunny color, and vitamin D, which positively affect the human body, providing long life, excellent vision and strength of the body.

    Imagine our table without sunflower oil is impossible. It provides a pleasant yummy salads, baking - sweet taste and opportunities for longer storage, the first and second dishes - light absorption by the body, which is the reward for good health.

    Oil - is an amazing product, presented by nature and people that promotes our health and longevity, permanent vigor and daily vitality.

  • Нigh Оleic Refined Sunflower Оil

    High oleic refined sunflower oil, produced in Ukraine and supplied by LATUNIA:

    indispensable in the kitchen - at home, in a restaurant, etc., and even then:

    - has a high content of vitamin E in comparison with other edible oils,

    - is a wonderful natural antioxidant,

    - it strengthens immunity, reduces the risk of cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system in humans,

    - contains omega-3, omega-6, omega-9.

    The shelf life of the high oleic refined sunflower oil in bottles is 24 months. Also, high oleic oil can withstand a large number of fry when using it in places where a lot of food is cooked.

    High oleic sunflower oil can significantly improve the beneficial properties of different dishes. High content (more than 82%) of oleic acid, has a positive effect on human health (strengthens the vessels, gives them elasticity), and is one of the main properties of high oleic sunflower oil produced in Ukraine.

  • Refined Sunflower Oil

  • Crude Sunflower Oil

    Unrefined sunflower oil has a specific, pleasant aroma, it is darker than refined, and forms a precipitate when stored. Such oil is called "live", it is fragrant, tastier and more useful. And it's great for salads. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K, which increase the body's resistance, heal the heart and vessels, and strengthen muscles and bones.

    Unrefined sunflower oil produced in Ukraine enriches your dishes with flavor, aroma and benefits.